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Currently over 1700 comics for sale.

Most of my collection from the 80s and 90s is up for liquidation. While I bought the comics to be read, most were only read once before bagging. I bought from shops and so there are some inevitable gaps and duplications in the titles I read, as well as some incomplete titles that I simply wasn't interested in. The titles included in here may not be very mainstream but you may also find some independent titles you won't find elsewhere.

They've been stored in California and, for the last few years, in Arizona. They were last bagged in 2000 and most, unless noted, are in Near Mint condition (though I expect a buyer will claim Very Fine). I've lost a number of comics to tape and adhesive on bags so most of the comics I have now are in bags that are unsealed by tape. I've entered the collection using the Comic Collectorz software and have not bothered including scans for the ones not available online. I'm still adding the ones not listed online and will try to complete the listings as time allows.

Sale terms: I am not expecting to make money on most of the collection but I expect offers to be in line with current values. I won't split titles and the only individual comics I will sell are duplicates or those which I only have one of in the title. Shipping is up to the buyer; I will ship in any fashion required but the cost is to be borne by the buyer separate from the sale price. Sales are final, so be sure before you buy.

Please enjoy browsing the collection and feel free to email me with any questions.

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