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I'm a bass player with about 4 years of experience. Prior to the bass, I had played guitar since I was a teenager. A few years back, I met Dennis Dullea outside Arizona Music Pro in Flagstaff. He was teaching guitar but offered to teach me bass with an eye towards performance. I also assisted him by acting as a roadie for his local gigs and it wasn't long before I got to play bass in his show occasionally. He and Richard Neville, a local bassist and manager at AMP, also managed to get me my first paying gig, standing in with Dulcie Younger when her bassist left in the middle of a tour.

For the next couple of years, I was in The Summertime Blues Band, which had moderate success in the Flagstaff area. Then, when two of the principle players graduated from NAU and left to begin their careers, I decided to concentrate on my own education, with the idea that I would return to playing after I graduated. In the meantime, I continue to experiment and learn on the bass and have also done some tracks both on MySpace (under BassInstincts) and for a video game I have programmed for NAU's student-built Arcade Game Cabinet.

The Summertime Blues Band
In the garage/studio

It's been awhile and time for a new beginning. I haven't been playing the fretless like I'd hoped and I've been to busy with school and all to be in a band. So I decided to get a new bass and sell off the fretless. The new bass is a Carvin LB75 P series but I went with a different pickup package and, of course, it's fretted. Very nice. Now I hope it inspires me to play in public again. I apologize for the picture; I was jamming at home and it was late and I was a bit exhausted. Despite the expression, I'm ecstatic and really enjoying the new bass.

New Bass!!! Woohoo!!!
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