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I'm pursuing a degree in Computer Science with an eye toward continuing with Graduate work and possibly teaching. In any event, here are some links relating to my work there:




CS 126

CS 499 - Virtual Worlds

Quick example projects listed below. Just unzip into a directory and run the project executable. You may enjoy the images and sounds in the /res directory. Starting with project 2 there is a resource.txt file for configurable params and replacement of sounds and images. Sorry, no code but feel free to email questions.

  • Project 1 - PlasmaCore API test.
  • Project 2 - Simple Battleship game, no AI. State Machine example.
  • Project 3 - 3D Pong. No real challenge but fun to play with the parameters.
  • Project 4 - Procedural Animation music video
  • Project 5 was a virtual robot on an arena server. Since the server is proprietary to the instructor, the code is basically useless for upload.
  • Project 6 - Demo using tiles to build a roadway. Hypnotic. I should add a subliminal message...
  • Project 7 - Extension of the last project to add procedural graphics. Still no game.
  • Project 8 - AI project; this one solves those peg puzzles from Cracker Barrel.
  • Final Project - 'Turbo Gauntlet': a maze-running, puzzle-solving game. You can make your own levels...

CS 499 - Virtual Worlds 2

This sequel to the popular class leads us into game production. While one team builds an actual arcade cabinet with controls and even a working coin slot, another implements a menu system to allow multiple student-created games to be showcased on the system. That leaves the rest of the students to produce games to run on the system.

CS 486C - Capstone

This "class" is the Senior Design Project that must be completed before receiving a degree from NAU. I am Team Leader for Team Celestial, whose project is to develop a target scheduler for the Discovery Channel Telescope here in Arizona, working with Lowell Observatory.

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