CHAPTER 12 - Assembling the Tail

Assembling the elevators was much like the rudder, so I won't bore you with a detailed account. For the trim tab, I got some poster board and made a dummy which I used as a template for cutting out the actual part. I used the bent tab method for the ends, and was quite happy with the result.

With the elevators complete, I attached them to the stab. While this fitting was going on, the stabilizer was resting on a pair of sawhorses. During fitting, I trimmed the stab ends so that the elevators could swing freely, and checked the travel. Like so many others, I found I had to trim a bit of the rear spar to allow full down movement.

At this time, I have not poured the counterweights or added the fiberglass. I figure that there will be days when I am waiting for parts to be painted and can do these little jobs then.

Naturally, while I had the elevators on, I had to attach the rudder to the fin and put it in place on the horizontal surfaces. Even Judi was quite impressed, and made no comment as I walked around it saying, "Wow! Awesome!"