CHAPTER 23 - Alternative Heated Pitot Mount

The mount I show in the previous chapter may not be for everybody. For one thing, I have no idea how you would go about adding it to an already built wing. For another, you may not be inclined to do your own fabrication. In that case, Warren Gretz has made available a mounting kit that might meet your needs. Among other advantages, it would certainly be lighter than my mount.

While I cannot make any statement concerning the quality of Warren's mount (as always, caveat emptor), the pictures show a nicely done and simple mounting. I personally approve of simplicity, and have found Warren easy to deal with, at least as far as obtaining info on his product. With that cautious approval out of the way, I would add that I would be inclined to try his mount if I had it to do again.

Warren's mounts are available for RVs and other aircraft, and are designed to mount AN5812 Heated Pitot Tubes or AN5814 Pitot Tube with Static Source. The pitot tubes are NOT included with the mount. Kits are complete with installation instruction and photos.

Contact Warren Gretz for more information and a brochure at:

3664 E. Lake Dr.
Littleton, CO 80121