CHAPTER 24 - Preparing to Add the Main Skins

While I was fabricating the pitot mount, a few other thing needed doing. I attached the tank to the spar and added the nutplates. With the nutplates in place and riveted, I screwed the tank on. I also riveted the leading edge on, taking care not to put rivets where the pitot mount went or where the main ribs were (they still needed to be removed for priming.

The ribs were also drilled for snap bushings (I found I needed larger ones to accommodate the strobe cable), and the wiring run installed. The rib modifications for the bellcrank were made, and the bellcrank was assembled, along with the pushrods (only the bellcrank-side connections were made, until the final length could be determined). The spar was re-leveled in the jig and the rear spar positioned and clamped. At last, everything was ready for the skins.