CHAPTER 48 - The Rollover Bar

First, I'd like to apologize for the chaos of the next few pages. Not only is it tough to build while attending college full time, but we've entered a stage of building where jobs overlap or get dependant on others, so you may notice that some things are described out of order or that things in the background get completed and don't get mentioned. Trust me, I'll cover them in other chapters.

The first two photos show the assembled rollover structure. It's just set in place and propped into position using a ruler so I can check the angle at the bottom and trim as necessary. There's a lot of trimming to be done to fit around the longerons and the process begins with a notch shown in the third picture.

I also started making up the mounting parts. These orient in one way and, as you can see in the fourth photo, it's easy to make a mistake. The part on the right has the angled portion incorrectly on the long side of the angle stock. Whoops. The part on the left is the redone one.

The next photo shows the attachment of the brace to the rear of the structure and the following photos shows the attachment to the fuselage. Not much I can add here except that this turns out to be hugely sturdy. I'm feeling pretty safe.