CHAPTER 50 - Floors and Seats

Speaking of the baggage compartment, after I fitted the front floors I got in with a vacuumn and really did my best to clean up (first photo). I then built one of the seat backs (assembly not shown). Next I turned my attention to the seat/floor attachment, as shown in the next two photos.

Once the seat attachments were in, I built the other seat back. Then I did the work (shown in photos 4 and 5) to allow the seat angle to be adjusted. With all the parts assembled, it was finally time for me to sit in the cockpit for the first time. Following advice I had been give, I spent some time there reading and making sure I would be comfortable. The last photo is from before the second seatback was finished; I didn't get a shot with both seats done because my photographer insisted on being in the other seat. Nice, eh?