CHAPTER 52 - Control Stick and Seat Structure

Another scary chop was to put a large notch into the bulkhead the spar attaches to. As you can see in the first photo, you cut away quite a bit, not to mention modifying the seat rib (lower left). The center ribs were already modified, I just removed them in order to install the control sticks. Notice that I reprimed the cut areas (the overspray won't hurt the gear mount and certainly won't matter on the temporary hardware and particleboard false spar). Next, the front seat pans were cut to fit and an opening for the control stick located and made (photo 2).

The next two photos show the control installation up to the point I could sit and make sure the sticks could move freely. Now, with pedals and stick installed and a seat to sit on, I could at last do the requisite hangar flying. Unfortunately for you, Judith didn't catch me at it, so no silly photos for your amusement. Yet.