CHAPTER 56 - Hangared at Last

About the time I started the baggage floors, I applied for a hangar at Flagstaff's Pulliam Airport. Just at the time I got the tail assembled, I was informed that a hanger was ready - or I could go back on the waiting list. I was taking a summer course in Japanese, so I gathered a couple of fellow students and rented a 12' U-haul open trailer. It took two trips to move the major components (my finishing kit had arrived meanwhile), and a week of daily trips with the pickup to move all the other stuff. The first picture is N156PK in its new home. Yep, it has a reserved N-number now. I had not purchased insurance before but the airport requires it and the insurance company required an N-number.

The rest of the photos are a tour around the hangar. I finally have room to really work and to keep everything neat! Since these pictures were taken, I've added a microwave, coffee maker, and a dorm 'fridge. All the comforts of home.

Don't fret about the marks on the wings. That's just grime that got smeared during the moving process. After all this time under a tarp, the wings were pretty dirty. But the primer is good and the aluminum surfaces will be cleaned and etched before priming and painting, so there's no problem.

The last picture is of the tool rack I made. I splurged on the wheels and the pegboard hooks; the rest didn't cost much at all. The back side is particle board sheeting on which plans can be taped or pinned. Now I can really get a lot of work done ... if only school permits. At this point, I had a few weeks before the fall semester; let's see what I could accomplish.