Flion Consulting is taking a break while I go back to college. Below are links to what I'm doing.


Keyboard Layouts for Japanese Kana using MS Windows Input Method. (Word document with laptop layout that can be modified to fit your own keyboard, though the meat of it will remain the same.)

Japanese Composition Form - download it and print for use or use the Windows Input Method to write using MS Word.

Japanese 101 Notes - Word document with all the notes (minus vocabulary) for NAU's JPN101 class.

Japanese 101 Vocabulary - Word document with all the vocabulary for NAU's JPN101 class.

My Writer's Profile for ENG105 at NAU

CS126 Assignments HW7 and HW8.

CS499 Game Programming: Quick example projects listed below. Just unzip into a directory and run the project executable. You may enjoy the images and sounds in the /res directory. Starting with project 2 there is a resource.txt file for configurable params and replacement of sounds and images. Sorry, no code but feel free to email questions.

Project 1 - Sound and graphics test of the core game API.

Project 2 - Simple Battleship game with no AI on the computer's part; state machine programming.

Project 3 - 3-D pong, no real challenge but fun to play with parameters.

Project 4 - Procedural animation makes a great music video. No game, though..

No project 5, because it was virtual robots on a server, so it only works if you have the server. Sorry.

Project 6 - Demo using tiles to build a roadway. Hypnotic. I should add a subliminal message...

Project 7 - Extension of the last project to add procedural graphics. Still no game.

Project 8 - AI project; this one solves those peg puzzles from Cracker Barrel.

Final Project - 'Turbo Gauntlet': a maze-running, puzzle-solving game. You can make your own levels..


Latest update on the homebuilt airplane - 7/4/2007

Click the plane to see.


I'm playing bass these days but the last band folded when our lead got his Masters and moved to Tucson. Since I'm in school, I'm letting it ride until I have more time.

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